Claims Guide

Please make sure to submit all claim related documents either in Arabic or English. If any documents are in other languages, they should be translated by an official public translator before submitting them to us for claim purpose.

Required Claim Documents for:

Travel Takaful Plan (as applicable)

  1. Medical certificate /Diagnostic report/Discharge summary
  2. Proof of reason(s) for cancellation or curtailment delay
  3. Proof of cancellation and amount lost or expenses incurred
  4. Post mortem report /police report
  5. Death certificate/Disability certificate
  6. Proof of checking baggage
  7. Protest or complaint made to carrier with acknowledgment
  8. List of items lost with value and proof of purchase of new items
  9. Third party liability claims legal notice /occurrence report
  10. Original Copy of Medical bills/Receipts/Invoice / bills for expenses


If you are a Travel Takaful Plan Holder and have a claim to be made whilst you are out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, please contact our Worldwide representative, SOS, on +971 46018816. Please make available your Travel Takaful plan number and the contact number you are calling from so they can assist you appropriately.

Personal Accident and Family Takaful Plans (as applicable)

  1. Medical document (Doctor/Hospital report indicating period of sickness, medicines / bills etc)
  2. Doctor's certificate stating the nature of the injury and certifying percentage of disability
  3. Employer's certificate or salary slip of the injured employee
  4. Death certificate from competent authorities
  5. Accident report from authorities/employer

Home Takaful Plan

  1. Civil Defense report or police report
  2. Photographs of damage
  3. Purchase invoices for reinstated property
  4. Insured internal incident report

Death Claim

  1. SABB Takaful claim form to be completed
  2. Original Death Certificate or copy attested by SABB Takaful or concerned Embassy
  3. Detailed medical report and death notification
  4. ID copy/ passport copy of deceased and beneficiaries
  5. Original Succession certificate
  6. Original Guardianship certificate
  7. Police/ traffic police report if applicable
  8. Post Mortem/ Autopsy report if applicable
  9. Correct address and contact numbers of beneficiaries
  10. Newspaper clippings if any
  11. Any other information supporting the claim

Issuing this procedure and following the steps does not constitute an admission of liability on the part of SABB Takaful and doesn't oblige SABB Takaful to any commitments.