Schengen Travel Takaful Plan

Product ID: A-SABB-1-I-07-028


Enjoy a worry-free holiday with your family

Whenever you plan a trip with your family, we want you to enjoy a carefree holiday, without any unexpected travel emergencies and misadventures.

Our Schengen Travel Takaful Plan offers an excellent Travel Plan for you and your family; including medical expenses and personal accident coverage. In addition, it meets the requirements for travel medical cover when applying for a Schengen visa. What's more, we assure you this plan is Shariah compliant. So, wherever you are travelling, we help you enjoy life today and tomorrow with greater peace of mind.

Takaful concept

Takaful means “guaranteeing each other” in Arabic, it is an Islamic system of mutual insurance built around the concept of “cooperation”. Cooperative contributions are made with the intention of helping other participants face difficulties and eliminating the resemblance of Takaful to gambling and exploitation. Each participant pays to a fund to cover expected claims, while also benefiting from a share of investment returns.