Travel Takaful Plan

Enjoy a worry free holiday with your family

Whenever you plan a trip with your family, we want you to enjoy a carefree holiday free from any unexpected emergencies and misadventures. Our Travel Takaful Plan helps you to enjoy comprehensive personalised coverage for you and your family, from medical and hospitalisation expenses incurred due to accidental injuries, loss of money and documents, loss of personal belongings due to flight delays. What’s more, we assure you that this plan is Shariah compliant plan.

So wherever you are traveling, we help you enjoy today and tomorrow with greater peace of mind.

Benefits at a glance

Product ID : A-SABB-1-I-07-020

  • Peace of mind

  • You can rest assured that this plan is Shariah compliant and is approved by SABB’s Shariah Committee. The Shariah Committee members are:

    • Sheikh Abdullah Bin Sulaiman Al Manea
    • Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al Mutlaq
    • Sheikh Dr. Muhammed A. Elgari Bin Eid
  • Takaful surplus sharing

  • The surplus for distribution to Participants in the relevant financial year shall be the Takaful Surplus less the Performance Incentive Fee. The distribution of surplus would be subject to approval of the competent authorities, if required, and of the Board of Directors of the Company.

  • Personal accident protection

  • Compensation of up to SAR 300,000 in case of accidental death and permanent disability (God forbid) whilst you are traveling overseas.

  • Medical and other expenses

    • Coverage of up to SAR 1,000,000 against medical treatment expenses incurred due to injury or sickness whilst traveling overseas
    • Coverage of up to SAR 30,000 against travel and accommodation expenses incurred by family members or traveling companions required on medical advice to remain or travel with you.
    • Coverage of up to SAR 25,000 against expenses incurred for transporting mortal remains to country of domicile or funeral expenses incurred locally
  • Emergency medical evacuation

    • Coverage of up to SAR 1,000,000 for expenses incurred whilst moving you to another location or back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for medical treatment as a result of injury or sickness sustained whilst traveling overseas.
    • Engage the services of International SOS to provide you with convenient arrangement to cater to your evacuation needs worldwide
  • Daily hospitalisation allowance

  • Compensation of up to SAR 3,000 per incident should you be hospitalised due to accidental injury or sickness whilst traveling..

  • Personal baggage allowance

  • Receive a personal baggage allowance of up to SAR 10,000 for loss or damage to, your baggage, clothing and personal effects.

  • Delayed baggage allowance

  • Reimbursement of up to SAR 1,000 for emergency purchases, such as essential items or clothing, upon deprivation of baggage due to delay or misdirection of baggage.

  • Travel delay allowance

  • Cover up to SAR 1,500 for delay or interruption of journey for more than 12 hours as a result of a strike or industrial action, hijack, mechanical breakdown and adverse weather conditions

  • Loss of personal money and travel documents

  • Coverage of up to a total of SAR 2,500 for loss of money or travel documents.

  • Personal liability

  • Indemnify you up to SAR 2,000,000 against legal liability to a third party for accidental injury and/or accidental loss of, or damage to their property whilst you are overseas

  • Trip curtailment and cancellation

  • Reimbursement of up to SAR 25,000 for irrecoverable travel expenses including accommodation, repatriation and expenses paid in advance. It also gives you coverage for an aborted planned trip due to riot or civil commotion, or unexpected death, illness or sickness of the Participant or his/her family members.

  • Credit card protection

  • Coverage of up to SAR 5,000 for items and sundries charged to your credit card whilst overseas in the event of accidental death.

  • Automated and guaranteed renewal

  • Option to renew your annual plan automatically every year and guarantee the coverage up to the age of 70 years, regardless of the state of health.

  • Choice of contribution payment

  • Option to pay your contribution annually, using your credit card or by directly debiting your bank account

  • Cooling-off period

  • Cancellation of the plan is allowed within 21 days, from the date of dispatch of the plan, with full refund of your contribution. However, cancellation is applicable to the annual plan only.

  • Enjoy your travel with peace of mind!

  • Important notes:

  • This Plan is underwritten by SABB Takaful Company P.O. Box 9086, Riyadh 11413, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel.: +966 11 299 1666, Fax: +966 11 276 4463, Website:

    Contract issue is subject to plan terms and conditions

    Distribution of the declared surplus is in accordance with the Co-Operative Insurance Companies Control Law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of SABB Takaful Company.

    *International SOS is a worldwide service provider on a 24/7 basis for emergency medical assistance, evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains. In emergencies, please call our presentative worldwide (SOS +97146018816)